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Welcome to Fresh Produce Consultancy & Precision Agronomy Limited

Fresh Produce Consultancy Ltd are vegetable crop consultants, specialising in GPS soil sampling, soil mapping and precision agronomy inputs . Thanks to the latest GPS (global positioning system) and computer technology we can provide Farmers, Growers or Land Agents with precision soil sampling, soil analysis and mapping with or without VRA input control.

Fresh Produce Consultancy Ltd was formed in 1993 and is managed by David Norman BSc (hons), an agronomist with over 25 years of practical experience in intensive production of vegetable and salad crops.

Precision Agronomy Ltd started in 2010 in response to a growing demand for precision farming services and runs adjacent to our existing consultancy operation.

Crop Consultancy &
Agronomy Services


Vegetable crop agronomy services to professional growers of salad and allium crops.

GPS Precision
Soil Sampling


GPS Soil sampling for nutrients or nematodes in all crops.



Soil EC scanning & mapping  using the latest & best technology from the USA.

Irrigation Scheduling
& Soil Moisture Monitoring


Measurement of soil moisture deficit, managing irrigation to avoid crop stress & maximise water use

Variable Rate Input Control

Providing control files for variable rate seeds, fertiliser or pesticide application.

Field Trials and Experiments

We undertake field trials on a confidential basis for growers, fertiliser & pesticides manufactures and levy bodies. [ more information ]

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Simply Business Professional Indemnity

Simply Business Professional Indemnity

Public Liability : £2,000,000
Professional Indemnity : £1,000,000
Employers Liability : £10,000,000

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